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Welcome to the beginning of IRC nERDs network.

Our focus here is to bring nerds together to educate each other and socialize. We encourage you to join and start your own channels or chat in ours (#nerds). We have channel relays setup across the network in multiple channels so you can meet non network users as well and have discussions with them. If you need an oper, please check in #nerds or #shells. This is a [420] friendly network. Come here to learn, teach, chat, whatever. We do have services (ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, HostServ, BotServ). More service bots to come (trivia, etc...)


[Round Robins(6697 SSL/6667 Non-SSL)]:

irc.irc-nerds.net (IPv4 random server)

irc6.irc-nerds.net (IPv6 random server)

Webchat: https://webchat.irc-nerds.net (Easy connect, even works on mobile. Tell your friends.)

** When registered with NickServ (be sure to use a real email to register), you may use SASL PLAIN for identifying to services upon connection. **

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