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We originally started  on Freenode in ##nerds in 2019, but decided in December 2020 to turn this project into an irc network so everyone can make their own channels and have their own space. We are running unrealircd + anope services. Our rules can be found here (https://www.irc-nerds.net/rules.txt).

The rules can be adjusted at anytime. This network is a hobby, not a job. We're not here to bully or downtalk each other. Treat others with respect on this network.


sorcerer - [IRC-nERDs Founder Admin]

fluff - [IRC-nERDs Co-Admin]


Please refer to opers.txt for a list of opers


Follow the law.

Don't Ban Evade.

No DDoS bots.

No Child pr0n/No pedophilia talk.

Don't flood the servers.

Please visit https://www.irc-nerds.net/rules.txt for a complete and up to date rules!

* NOTE: Do NOT, i repeat do NOT, give out any of your personal information. We will not ask for it and we dont need it. Do NOT give out your information AT ALL!! (Last name, location (optional if you use weather), Social Security Number, Phone Number, Credit Card Number, etc..)


Channels to check out if you're bored...

#nerds [IRC-nERDs Network & Chat Channel]

#marijuana [Network marijuana channel... duh?]

#linux [Network linux community channel.]

#news [IRC-nERDs RSS News Channel]

#chat [Network Chat Channel]