WebChat [The Lounge]
Services / Network Information

Network Servers

All Servers Are SSL (6697) and Non-SSL (6667)

irc.irc-nerds.net (IPv4 Round Robin)

irc6.irc-nerds.net (IPv6 Round Robin)

WebChat: https://webchat.irc-nerds.net

Channel Bots

[BOT: nerds] (Do not include < > characters when using commands on IRC)

[Commands are as follows ( All commands begin with an $ )]

  • $w <your, location> - [Displays weather for said location.]
  • $setweather <your, location> - [Sets your weather location default.]
  • $fc <optional, location> - [If your setweather is set it will use it automatically unless you specify an optional, location.]
  • $ud <word> - [Search 'word' on urban dictionary.]
  • $imdb <Movie/TV Show> - [Search imdb.com database for said movie or tv show.]
  • $rq - [Displays Random Quote.]
  • $google <search-string> - [Search google for search string.]
  • $ddg <search-string> - [Search DuckDuckGo for search string.]
  • $tv <TVshow-name> - [Search for a TV and give details about it.]
  • $yt <search-string> - [Search YouTube for search-string.]
  • $wiki <search-string> - [Search Wikipedia for search-string.]
  • $corona - [Display current coronavirus stats.]
  • $corona <Your, Location> - [Display coronavirus stats for specific location.]

(420) [Bot: maryjane] (420)

[ All commands begin with a ! ]

  • !pack <duration> - [E-Smoke with your friends, light up together. Change duration to tell it when to start the 5 second countdown.]
  • !bong <nickname> - [Passes the bong to said nickname.]